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The data engineering space is evolving. Here are the resources I collected for practical data engineering resource.

The list is keep updating. 

The airflow schedule interval could be a challenging concept to comprehend, even for developers work on Airflow for a while find difficult to grasp. A confusing question arises every once a while on StackOverflow is “Why my DAG is not running as expected?”

This story help you on how to identify Spark data skew? How to handle data skew with different options? 

My Stories

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Data Engineering

Interested In Becoming A Data Engineer? A Glimpse Of The Data Engineering Role

Interested In Becoming A Data Engineer? This article will show a glimpse of the data engineering role and the requirements to become a data engineer to help you make that decision.
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Personal Finance

Five Tips for Saving Money At Target

How to maximize your savings when you shop at Target? I will unveil 5 ways of saving money when you shop at Target to maximize your savings.
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My Experience with Amazon Affiliate Program on Medium.com in 2023

Amazon Affiliate Program is the best pick as an affiliate marketing program. In this article, we will go through my experience with Amazon Affiliate Program and discuss if we can use it on Medium.com.
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Mental Health

My Life With Depersonalization Derealization Disorder (DPDR)

One of the challenges for me is identifying this blurry feeling. It took me years to find out the name of my issue. Five years ago, I randomly searched for my symptoms. I found Depersonalization Derealization Disorder
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