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Hi! I am Chengzhi Zhao. I am a data engineer who writes content on data engineering & data science, productivity, and DIY projects. I am a contributor to Apache Airflow and Apache Flink. I love sharing my experience on data-related topics. I write blogs at ChengzhiZhao@Medium, and my personal blog is https://chengzhizhao.com/.

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Data Engineering Resource

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The Practical Data Engineering Resource

The data engineering space is evolving. Here are the resources I collected for practical data engineering resource.
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The Essential Reading List for Data Engineers: 10 Classic Books You Can’t Miss

Discover the Essential Reading List for Data Engineers: 10 Classic Books You Can’t Miss. While many free online resources are available, they often lack the depth and context needed to truly master the field. In this article, I will share ten classic books that cover everything from fundamental technical skills like Python and SQL, to more advanced topics like Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Beam, Apache Airflow, Kubernetes, distributed systems, and dimensional modeling.

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