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Second Iteration: Interactivity with User Click | Image By Author
Data Engineering

How to Engage with Users By Storytelling: Show Data Analytics in R and Shiny

Using R and Shiny, we can build an app where the end users can interact with the data analysis we have done. I will show you how to engage with users by storytelling - show data analytics in R and Shiny.

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Data Engineering

R For Data Analysis: How to Find the Perfect Cocomelon Video for Your Kids

I will share my journey on using R for Data Analysis: building an end-to-end solution for exploring trending Cocomelon videos using R from scratch.

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Is ChatGPT Making People Lose Interest in Writing: Learning From Using ChatGPT

ChatGPT is powerful and scary. As people interested in writing, we have thoughts and manually type each word. Will this change how we write, and will more people lose interest? 
After using ChatGPT for some time, my answer is: No. It isn’t capable of changing anything humans produce. But it could hurt people who want to get started.

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Data Engineering

Streaming Data Is Exciting: What You Need to Know Before Taking the Plunge

Is streaming data necessary for this particular use case? Rather than blindly diving in, it’s essential first to acknowledge the realities of working with streaming data.

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Data Engineering

The Essential Reading List for Data Engineers: 10 Classic Books You Can’t Miss

Discover the Essential Reading List for Data Engineers: 10 Classic Books You Can’t Miss. While many free online resources are available, they often lack the depth and context needed to truly master the field. In this article, I will share ten classic books that cover everything from fundamental technical skills like Python and SQL, to more advanced topics like Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Beam, Apache Airflow, Kubernetes, distributed systems, and dimensional modeling.

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Mastering Gantt Charts: Learn How to Build Them Using Code Alone

Learn how to master Gantt charts using code alone in project management tracking. Many UI-based tools for Gantt chart creation can take a lot of work to manage. Discover the elegant and practical approach of building Gantt charts with code to reflect fast-paced project changes in this insightful story.

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Data Engineering

Think In SQL – Window Function Demisify

Understanding window function is critical for anyone that writes SQL daily. In this story, let’s think in SQL and demystify the window function with examples and diagrams.

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Data Engineering

I Built a Game By Using Streaming Data: A Fun Way for Data Visualization

Data visualization has always been a delightful area for me to work as a data professional. Visualizing data is like an art. Can I visualize streaming data in another way? I built a game by using streaming data, and this is a fun way for data visualization.

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