Is ChatGPT Making People Lose Interest in Writing: Learning From Using ChatGPT

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash
Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

ChatGPT is powerful and scary. 

The news is soaring public awareness that AI chatbots are no longer toys. It can understand our language, respond with reasonable answers, and open the potential to adapt in many areas that never happened before. 

As people interested in writing, we have thoughts and manually type each word. Will this change how we write, and will more people lose interest? 

After using ChatGPT for some time, my answer is: No. It isn’t capable of changing anything humans produce. But it could hurt people who want to get started. 

Impression of writing result of ChatGPT

The first impression is ChatGPT is talkative!

It provides me with more context than I asked for. Some of the contexts are scattered in their training model. ChatGPT can pull much relative information back to you and give you the impression that it can do what you requested. 

I have asked ChatGPT to rewrite the following sentences that are SEO-friendly.

Data naturally comes in the streaming fashion. Solving data problem in batch seems inappropriate first, but batch has a reason to be popular for decades. Processing data in the batch is a simplified philosophy to resolve a complex probelm.

Here is ChatGPT’s response:

ChatGPT rewrite a sentence for me | Image by author
ChatGPT rewrite a sentence for me | Image by author

The first three lines seem okay, but where does the remaining context come from? My original post didn’t have that information, and ChatGPT was very “smart” to add them to enrich my context. Because I asked for SEO optimization, that’s what ChatGPT does. 

Then I found this pattern whenever I asked ChatGPT to rewrite for SEO friendly. It does the following order:

  1. Rewrite my original post
  2. Add additional context to enrich my original one
  3. Add a conclusion using words like “Ultimately.”

Imagine everyone is using ChatGPT to write online. The content becomes boring and repeated many times, and the range with so much duplication becomes trash online.

Writing is unique

With ChatGPT, you are NOT part of the writing process. Writing isn’t unique anymore. ChatGPT is suitable for giving you summarily and inspiring more ideas; It is not built for creating original content. All it produces are common.

When it is time to put your word into writing, to be creative, to be unique, and to be yourself is precious. 

I found myself lost after tried writing using ChatGPT. The content from ChatGPT is ordinary, and it could be used by someone else bothers me. 

It comes to the ultimate question in writing, who do I write for? The human readers, NOT bots

SEO for ChatGPT-generated content

Your writing will be identified as AI written if you use ChatGPT to write long paragraphs. People are not fools — An project called ZeroGPT can even detect AI-generated content and flag them. An AI tool identifying its peer is a great idea. Isn’t it?

Search engines like Google or Bing could lower your post score if AI entirely generates the content. However, Microsoft acquired ChatGPT, and Google entered this AI war. It’s concerning that the value of the original content vanished. 

There needs to be a clear path on what will happen next for AI-generated content SEO. The human-written content won’t be under-evaluated by SEO, and good content ranks high for SEO. The reason is that people still like to read original content instead of replicated information online.

Lose interest in writing with emerging ChatGPT

Writing and ranking high for SEO as a new writer could be more challenging—a wave of adopting ChatGPT as the writing assistant will disrupt the writing industry for some time. 

We could see a person create ten articles in the blink of an eye. We could see a person has endless ideas to write everything. We could be scared. We could not want to type any word. We could give up on writing. 

Are you ready for that? 

Original, unique, and creative content will always be present online. Quality beats quality.

Keeping writing and tolerating the silence period of being nobody is still applicable with emerging ChatGPT.

Final Thought

Be bold about ChatGPT replacing human writing. Humans don’t have to bother too much with this. All the content ChatGPT generated is fed by the training dataset. The ChatGPT has limited training resources but can’t get imagination and creativity — Writing is one of those types. 

ChatGPT has the potential to replace repetitive work. For writing, sorry, it isn’t a replacement. So keep writing your content, and don’t bother with ChatGPT in writing.

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